Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Advantages & Disadvantages of Alternative Cancer Treatments

By Joy C. Harrison

Being told you have cancer can be one of the scariest pieces of news you could ever receive. No matter what stage it may be in, either in the starting stages or one of the higher stages where it may be spreading brings fear to the patient as well as their loved ones. Most doctors will recommend various medical treatments including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and plenty of pills. Rarely will they suggest alternative cancer treatments, but they are available. If you are considering alternative cancer treatments for you or a loved one, there are some things to take into account.


1. Alternative drugs or treatments are usually made of natural ingredients, not chemicals created in a lab.

2. Alternative drugs have been found to kill tumor cells based on clinical trials.

3. Alternative therapy is usually non-toxic and is designed to boost one's immune system.

4. Other forms of alternative medicine also bring a peace of mind with them, like reiki or acupuncture.

5. The cost of medical treatment is expensive, especially if you're not covered by health insurance.


1. Surgery is the quickest way to remove a cancerous tumor. Alternative medicines will take longer, giving cancer the time to spread.

2. Most alternative forms of therapy for cancer patients are usually unproven. There is no guarantee that the natural drugs or other forms of therapy you choose will work.

3. Most health insurance companies will not help to pay for alternative therapies for cancer patients.

If it ever comes time for you to decide which method of therapy is going to work for you, consider all of these options and speak with your doctor about them. Doing research on each alternative therapy method may help you made the most sound decision for your body to eliminate the cancer.

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