Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer - Common Prostate Cancer Treatment

When a person is diagnosed with prostate cancer, the treatment options will depend on many important factors. These include the rate of cancer growth, if metastasis has occurred, the person's overall health and the side effects or risks of the prostate cancer treatment. In some cases, if caught in its early stages, treatment may not be required immediately or perhaps no treatment will ever be needed. Of course the patient must be watched closely and regular examinations are required.

If tests reveal the progression of cancer, prostate treatment will be necessary. A common treatment choice is radiation. Radiation therapy consist of using energy that is high-powered to kill the cancer cells. It can be delivered externally with a machine that moves over the affected area of the body, and sends energy rays to the cancer. This treatment is usually given five times a week and must be done for several weeks. When radiation is put inside of the body, it is done with several rice-sized seeds that are radioactive and are placed within the tissues of the prostate. This technique sends low dosages of radiation to the affected site, for long periods of time.

Another prostate cancer treatment option is hormone therapy. This treatment aims at stopping the body from producing testosterone. Since prostate cancer cells need testosterone to grow, stopping the supply of this hormone can slow the progression, and may also kill cancer cells. Prostate surgery is sometimes required to remove cancer cells. This surgery involves the removal of the prostate gland along with the tissue around the gland and lymph nodes. There are other treatments also available today such as Cryosurgery, Chemotherapy and heat therapy.

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By Jack David Peterson

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