Friday, September 3, 2010

Signs of Breast Cancer in Teenagers

When it occurs in young females, it is difficult for them to realize the symptoms. Symptoms vary from one patient to another, the commonly seen ones being change in the pointing direction of the nipples, discoloration over the breasts and palpation of gland like structures in the armpit, suggesting enlarged lymph nodes. In teenage females, the body shape is already changing and hence they feel these symptoms would be just a part and parcel of the whole body shape change that is happening during adolescence. It is necessary to distinguish between the normal maturation process and the early symptoms of breast cancer because breast cancer develops very fast and soon, there might be no time to save the individual.

The lump is a characteristic finding in breast cancer. Hence, if a lump is noticed either in the breasts or in the arm pits, a quick medical examination is recommended to prevent any further complications. There are many reasons as to why the lump would have been formed. It could just be the sign of a developing infection or it may be a local block in the drainage of the lymph. In worse cases, it may be due to breast cancer and once the cause is known, appropriate treatment should be begun immediately.

A lump that moves is not of much concern; however a lump that seems to be stuck in one place is a sure indicator of breast cancer. Once this is known, then it should be immediately reported to parents and medical staff and further diagnosis and confirmation of the same needs to be done. These lumps at times may not be felt but you could notice some changes in the shape and size and texture of the breasts or inequalities in the two breasts. All these points are matter of concern and need immediate attention.

Another characteristic of breast cancer is pain on and off in the breasts. The pain could also be due to the normal development of the breasts. Hence, periodic checks need to be done. Also look for discolorations over the breast. If you do see some discolorations that do not seem to vanish with time, then again it needs quick medical attention. Those teenagers who are diagnosed with this dreadful disease need lot of emotional support and tender loving care both from friends as well as family.

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