Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Early Prostate Cancer Treatment is the Best Way to Prevent Future Problems

Men over the age of 50 are at the greatest risk for prostate problems. Symptoms are varied; blood in urine, trouble urinating, bone pain, and more. If having any of these, men should consult their doctor immediately. Luckily, most prostate cancers are slow growing so early detection allows for successful prostate treatment to stop the onset of greater problems.

If problems are caught early enough the best prostate treatment is watchful waiting. During the watchful waiting period your doctor may order regular blood tests, biopsies, and rectal examinations following the prostate cancers progress.

If tests show the cancer is progressing you have several prostate treatment options. Watchful waiting is still a choice as long as the cancer growth is slow, but a patient can choose another prostate cancer treatment. Radiation and prostate surgery are other alternatives.

There are two types of radiation therapy; external and internal. External radiation comes from a beam that is directed to the cancer areas of the prostate. A patient typically undergoes radiation treatment for several weeks. Internal radiation treatments are administered by radioactive seeds placed in the tissue of the prostate. Your doctor will place the seeds in the tissue using a long needle. The seeds do not need to be removed once they stop giving off the radiation.

Surgery for prostate cancer requires removal of the prostate gland, tissue and lymph nodes. There are several different surgical techniques and with the consultation of your doctor the best procedure for your situation will be determined.

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By Jack David Peterson

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